Physik (PHY) Teil1 Experimentalphysik für KBChemie
N. Koch | VLVZ
Organische Halbleiter
A. Opitz | VLVZ


Emergente elektronische Materialien
N. Koch

Elektronische Eigenschaften von hybriden Materialien
N. Koch, A. Opitz | Topics

Lab courses

A. Opitz | GPR

Fortgeschrittenenpraktikum – Organic Solar Cell
P. Amsalem | Versuchsunterlagen, Passwort nach Anmeldung auf Kleinstein
Dauer: zwei Tage
Beschreibung: Solution processed organic solar cells offer the potential to produce power at low costs. Their mechanical flexibility, light weight and easy-to-use preparation methods make them suitable for a wide range of applications. Thus creating new organic materials and studying their properties and behavior in devices are subjects of current research. The overall goal is not only to achieve higher efficiencies, but also to obtain a fundamental understanding of the mechanisms occurring in these materials and at their interfaces.
The objective of this lab course is to impart a basic understanding of the principles and characteristics of organic solar cells. To achieve this, several organic solar cells will be prepared and characterized.