Group seminar

Tuesdays 1:30 p.m.

(no longer online)



02.11. Andreas Opitz intro
16.11. various current work in the group (i)
30.11. various current work in the group (ii)
14.12. Christos Gatsios Photoelectron spectroscopy to elucidate the charge transport and doping mechanisms of organic semiconductors
11.01. Dongguen Shin additives vs. dopants in perovskites
25.01. Dominique Lungwitz defense test talk: Doping of semiconducting polymers: From basic understanding of doping-related phenomena toward solvent resistance of doped polymer films
08.02. Emily Albert defense test talk
22.02. Ross Warren double doping
08.03. no talk International Women’s Day
public holiday in Berlin
15.03. Lennart Frohloff Fabrication of large-grain perovskite thin films with thiourea
29.03. Jiawei Yu PL on MoS2
19.04. Andreas Opitz Charge transfer absorption
03.05. Qiang Wang Small molecule and TMDC vDWs heterostructure under Scanning Tunnelling Microscope
17.05. Lennart Frohloff defense test talk
31.05. Fengshuo Zu energy level alignment at metal-halide perovskite/organic semiconductor interfaces
14.06. Xinglong Ren & Dionisius Tjhe
(Optoelectronics, Cavendish Laboratory, Cambridge)
Doping in OFETs
28.06. Ross Warren literature review: n-type charge transport in heavily p-doped polymers
12.07. Christos Gatsios literature review
23.08. Tianshu Zhai literature review: spontaneous orientation polarization