Group seminar

Every tuesday!

Starting time: 11:00

Location: MHP 0’101


WiSe 2019/20

29.10. Timo Florian Safety instruction
05.11. Dominique Lungwitz Doping of the polymer P(NDI2OD-T2)
12.11. ——  
19.11. Rongbin Wang Electronic structure of heterojunction interfaces investigated by photoelectron spectroscopy
26.11. Anbang Zhu The origin of strain after thermal treatment
03.12. Christos Gatsios Experimental Study of a Transitional Metal Dichalcogenide MoTe2
10.12. Qiang Wang High-coverage WS2 monolayers: methods and results
17.12. Tianshu Zhai HATCN – defect states and purification
14.01. Dr. Soohyung Park
(Korea Institute of Science and Technology)
Impact of quadrupole moment on energy level alignment and fermi level pinning in highly ordered polymer system
28.01. Adriana Röttger Complex formation of DBP and FxTCN(N)Qs
11.02. Niklas Marshall t.b.a.